10 Best Motivational Books by Women to Read for a Boost of Motivation

women motivational books

Written By: Mariam Ghalwash

These past couple of years have been the best years to date for women; from the #TimesUp movement springing up in Hollywood and unprecedented record number of women running for the american congress., all the way to lifiting the ban on women driving in Saudi Arabia.

However, we are nowhere near close to having overall gender equality and equity whether socially, economically, or politically. That is why, ladies, 2019 is the year for you to prosper and reach your full potential. Here is our list of 10 best motivational books for you this year:

     1.‘Choose Wonder Over Worry’ by Amber Rae

      Choose Wonder Over Worry is your guidebook towards letting go of all the feelings of fear and worry that weigh you down. It is time to drop the baggage and claim your greatness.

Find the book here.

2.‘The Year of Yes’ by Shonda Rhimes

Written by the creative producer and kickass boss, Shonda Rhimes, this book will take you through her journey of saying yes to everything and its tremendous effect on her life.

Find the book here.

3‘Big Magic’ by Elizabeth Gilbert

Eat Pray Love’s famous author, Elizabeth Gilbert, discusses the attitudes, approaches, and habits you need to have to lead a creative light; an insightful journey into discovering one’s own ‘strange jewels’.

Find the book here.

4.‘How to Get Sh*t Done’ by Erin Falconer

In How to Get Sh*t Done, editor-in-chief and co-owner of self-improvement site ‘Pick the Brain’, Erin Falconer reinvents the concept of productivity. In her book, she argues that sometimes it is okay to do less! 

The book is filled with advice and honest stories from Erin’s hands-on experience.

Find the book here.

5.‘The Self-Love Experience’ by Shannon Kaiser

Shannon Kaiser lists 15 principles in her book The Self-Love Experiment to put yourself first. She tears down the walls of fear of being labelled as selfish or self-centered. 

She shares her top secrets to fostering self-love.

Find the book here.

6.‘In Conclusion, Don’t Worry about It’ by Lauren Graham

In In Conclusion, Don’t Worry about It, the Gilmore Girls star and bestselling author, Lauren Graham transformed what started out to be her inspiring commencement speech to the 2017 class at her former high school into the ultimate moving and motivational guide. 

She shares her journey of becoming a leading lady, saying that you too can do it!

Find the book here.

7.‘Becoming’ by Michelle Obama

Through sharing her autobiography, the former first lady, Michelle Obama, shares the ups and downs of her life that led her to become the fierce powerful female leader that she is today.

Find the book here.

8.‘Lean In’ by Sheryl Sandberg

In this empowering read, the chief operating officer of Facebook, Sheryl Sandberg, talks all things negotiation, mentorship, and building satisfying careers! 

It is the exact potion you need for your motivational spell.

Find the book here.

9.‘You are a Badass’ by Jen Sincero

If you are tired of standing behind the curtains and ready to shine ever so bright, this read is for you! 

This anecdotal book from success coach Jen Sincero is funny and highly relatable. It gives you all the knowledge and tools needed to break down the walls of self-doubt.

Find the book here.

10.‘Girls, Wash Your Face’ by Rachel Hollis

Rachel Hollis, the founder of the lifestyle website Thechicsite, combines humor, wit, and wisdom to empower women into letting go of their negative mindsets. She pushes her readers into pursuing the joyful lives that they deserve.

Find the book here.

These were our picks for your fearless and empowering 2019! Let us know what other books you’ve read that has changed your motivation game for good.


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