14 Mistakes Make You Away From A Successful Blog or Website

Bloggers Mistakes

Most of us are dreaming of a successful blog, with good flow of traffic which generates revenue through ads and earn extra money.

Unfortunately, we do a lot of mistakes in blogging without knowing.

So, I decided to share with you some mistakes I saw them in other blogs and some mistakes from my experience in blogging.

Let's be honest, without good visibility on search engines, especially Google, no one will access your site or blog.

Good visibility means that you have good content, because it will also be difficult for your website to achieve a good impression, gain the trust of the search engines and rank high in google to be shown in the top search results without good content, as we will explain later about some common mistakes made by a huge number of bloggers and webmasters that may throw all SEO strategies away.

1. Thinking only of imitation of others or having a superficial idea

Everyone knows that the main pillar of any business of any kind is the idea. This is also true in blogging, and websites.

Simply, the power and quality of the blog depends on the quality of the idea and vice versa.

Most webmasters are quick to launch their own websites without looking at what their website will provide to their visitors and what visitors will benefit from.

2. Depending on a sub-domain and hosting a free blog

Our human nature prefers everything that is free and this is not the problem, but the problem is that sometimes the free services do not results in the success of your website or blog like paid services do.

Everyone knows that free hosting means slow browsing with a small storage space, and the subdomain also gives a bad image and a lack of professionalism for your blog.

In contrast, your domain is a registered trademark of you and your blog.

 3. The design of your blog or website

You know about the famous saying, first impression lasts forever!

The appearance of your blog or website is the first factor and one of the most important factors you should rely on due to its great importance, it creates the first impression of your visitor.

The design and layout of the blog will be the first thing the visitor will see, so choose a nice and simple template for your blog that brings attention.

In addition to the spread of ads throughout your blog or the annoying popup ads which exhausts the reader and distracts his mind to such an extent that sometimes he cannot reach what he is looking for in the middle of this mess.

So probably the visitor will escape from your site planning not to return to it again.

Note: Do not over design your blogs. Simple blogs will never be considered ugly.

4. Lack of updates

In some blogs you find that the publisher or blogger writes only one post every week or two, believing that this work is enough, but this is a totally wrong way, as visitors and followers like updates, new articles and useful information. 

Also it will help you improve your rank in search engines due to regular indexing of new posts.

5. Neglecting search engines optimization (SEO)

Do you know that there is a huge number of internet users use search engines on a daily basis to search for their interests.

So neglecting the SEO will make it very difficult to appear in search engines, and your blog will be isolated from that huge number of daily searches.

At the same time, focusing on SEO in an exaggerated way will never help you.

Search engines are smart and whatever you have done, they will not work unless they are balanced and making sure that the website is considering all aspects well, not only the SEO.

6. Neglecting site marketing and advertising in the right way

It is not wise that the steps to launch a blog or website do not contain an advertising or marketing plan, even a simple one to target the audience of interest and visitors from the target group.

I’m not talking about the expensive big advertising campaigns, but simple creative ideas such as posting on social networking pages or communicating with website owners of common interest.

Especially, Facebook, Pinterest, Quora and Twitter.’

7. Focus on highly competitive keywords and omission of "long tail"

It seems common for content creators to focus on short keywords that are directly related to the subject matter of the published post.

Yes, this can be one of the basic rules on which bloggers or content marketers build SEO strategies for their projects, but they are not necessarily the only or optimal solution in many cases, especially when the competition is high.

Sometimes targeting long keywords (4 to 6 words) ensures faster and better search engine appearance, although it is less popular than the short keywords.

In many cases it is very difficult to compete with publishers on certain key words, and you cannot appear in search engines because their reputation and influence with the spiders of these engines is stronger.

So the solution is to search for more focused keywords that did not have the same level of competition. These keywords are known as long tail keywords or long tail keywords, Neil Patel 

8. Not producing enough content

A study by HubSpot has confirmed that sites that publish more than 16 posts a month get 3 to 5 times as much traffic as those who publish less.

The result of this study can be traced to several factors, including:

The more content we write and publish, the more quality we maintain, the more visitors return to our site to see what's new.

9. Insisting on long topics only

We all know that long articles and publications have a stronger chance of indexing and good visibility on search engines. 

However, the observation proves to us the opposite of this rule in some cases, when we find short articles (300 words or a little more) occupy higher rankings in the search results. 

So there is no fixed rule here that links the length of content to how it appears on search engines.

The issue is simply about content, if it is a complex subject that requires work and deep research, there is nothing wrong with making long topics to explain or present this topic to visitors.

If the topic is superficial and answers quick questions, it is best to be concise and consistent with the importance and size of the topic.

10. Neglecting backlinks and internal links

Backlinks (when another website links to your website) are very important in the SEO plan for your blog or website. They are one of the factors that have proven to have a significant impact on improving search engine impressions.

In addition to backlinks, there are also internal links that you yourself put into your content to link them together. 

These internal links are not as heavy as backlinks in SEO standards but they have their weight in search engine spiders.

11. Neglecting images

Images play a key role in enriching content, adding elegance and beauty to it, and it also plays an important role in improving the appearance of our content on search engines if we are good at using it.

There are some topics that you should upload many pictures in the article like travel articles and other topics uploading one or two pictures is enough.

But please don’t just click upload on any image like that.

Image labels must contain keywords that are representative of their content, for example: Knee Pain Treatment.jpg

Resize image sizes so that they do not cause page loading delay, which negatively affects the page's SEO rank.

12. Weak Content

Content for a blog is like oxygen for us, we may have money, cars, villas and huge wealth, but without oxygen, we just can’t live.

Blogs are the same, we can buy millions of traffic, and get some graphic designer to make my blog the best ever, but still, the most important thing is content.

The contents of your blog are very essential. It will determine whether the people will continue to view your blog or will just leave it.

Content is the major factor that help drive more and more traffic to your website.

Make sure that all your posts and articles are your own (not copied) to get the confidence of your followers.

13. Your Blog loading speed 

The fast blog or fast website is better for everyone from the slow website, especially if the internet is slow, you will not have patience for a long time waiting.

Slow speed of your blog encourages the visitor not to repeat this mistake again. They won't return to visit it.

14. Lack of respect followers

Once you see a comment that you do not like or dislike, some bloggers are quick to respond to the comment with inappropriate comments.

This is a serious mistake you must avoid, so try to listen to your followers, do not be arrogant about them and answer their questions.


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