Best 7 Natural Remedies & Herbals For Back Pain Relief

natural low back pain relief

Do you suffer from chronic back pain?

Have you tried all the analgesics but have not succeeded in treating pain?

Did you know that about 90% of cases of back pain are due to bad daily habits such as sitting for long periods or standing for long periods, lifting heavy things and wrong sleep positions, all these problems can be treated easily.

If you are tired of the discomfort of back pain and want some alternative help, these herbs acts as anti inflammatory, and will help you treat the pain and get back to normal daily activities.

Not only that, but you can combine this herbal treatment with our exercise treatment to get quick results. Quick Lower Back Pain & Sciatica Relief

Note: Herbal treatment is not in emergency cases such as car accidents, falling from a high place, a severe tear caused by lifting heavy objects, severe disc herniation which cause numbness in the foot or back pain that lasts the same intensity for more Three days without any improvement.
In this case, you should go to a specialist.


It is considered one of the best herbs for the treatment of back pain.

Mix ginger with warm water, before boiling, drain it and put it in a piece of gauze.

Then put it on your back pain place three times a day. Treatment can also be done by making ginger, clove + cinnamon and drinking 3 times a day.


Wheat is a grain that soothes inflammation so it is useful in cases of back pain.

Place the flour in water and then keep it on low heat until it becomes a paste. Wait a bit until it becomes fairly high.

Put the paste on the place of the back pain and preferably put as hot as possible. Three times a day.


Grind the fenugreek grain well and then mix with milk or water to make paste. Then put it on the place of pain three times a day, as hot as possible

4-Cabbage Leaves

Cabbage leaves are placed in the hot milk until they are fully cooked and become very soft and then placed quickly on the place of pain and preferably remain overnight or full day.

5-Camphor Leaves

This amazing oil has the effect like magic in the treatment of back pain.

Heat the oil until it becomes warm and then massage the pain area for at least 10 minutes.
Repeat this two to three times a day.

6-Olive Oil

Olive oil is considered to be one of the best treatments for most musculoskeletal diseases especially back pain, since it contains a lot of moisturizing and very useful substances. Heat the oil and then massage the area of ​​pain for 10 minutes. This is repeated 5 times a day.


It is known that honey treats a lot of diseases, especially if taken in the form of a drink (a large spoon of honey is placed on a glass of water and drink it) where the atoms of water are arranged like honey atoms and so it is like you drank a glass of honey.

Finally, remember that pharmacokinetics work to relieve pain for a while and do not cure it. Therefore, these painkillers can be taken with the treatments we mentioned. But it is best to have these painkillers in the form of creams and stay away from painkillers in the form of pill, because of its side effects on your kidneys and liver.


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