Heel Pain Management In Young Athletes And Aged Patients

heel pain

Heel pain is a common problem that occurs when the heel is placed under too much stress.

Heel pain is most often caused by walking in ways that irritate tissues is the heel.

There are two types of heel pain, one of them happens to adult (because of planter fasciitis and calcaneal spur) and the other happens to young (because of Sever disease).

What's planter fasciitis?

Planter Fasciitis means inflammation of your planter fascia, a strong band of tissue that stretches from your heel to your mid foot bones.

It supports the arch of your foot and also acts as a shock absorber in your foot.


-Heel pain during walking
-Heel pain when you stand
-Heel pain in the morning after you get out of bed, when you touch the floor.
-The pain location is near to the fascia attachment to the heel as shown.


-Repeated small injuries to the fascia
-Walking and overuse of the foot
-Poor arch support of the shoes
-Tight calf muscle and tendon Achilles
-Calcaneal Spur


-Physical therapy session
-Reduce load on the foot like walking or running
-Stretching exercises to calf muscle
-Shockwaves session in case of the calcaneal spur reason

  • Heel pain in young athletes and children

The most common cause of heel pain in young people is Sever disease.

Especially between 8 and 14 years old. It also called calcaneal apophysitis and more common in active children.


-Pain in the back of heel at the end of tendon Achilles
-Pain during walking, running and jumping
-Local tenderness and redness over the area


1-No full growth of the heel bone yet, due to age (still young)
2-Repetitive uses of the foot (Exercises)
3-Tight calf muscle
4-Tight sport shoes


1-It will resolve by itself around 16 years old (After heel bone full growth)
2-Physical therapy sessions to relief the pain
3-Calf muscle stretch
4-Silicone sole inside the shoes
5-Rest from exercise during the periods of pain
6-Planter Fasciitis Shoes


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