Lower Back Pain & Sciatica Quick Relief

low back pain relief exercises

Lower back pain is one of the most common problems, whether you are old or young.

We all suffer from low back pain at a stage in our lives and we seek relief.

The problem lies in the treatment, because we do not understand the details of the treatment and what is right and what is wrong.

We follow some exercises on the Internet and repeat them completely wrong, because we do not know exactly what exercise we should follow and any exercise should be avoided.
So I decided to share with you exercises for the lower back.

Before starting, you should know that the treatment is divided into two basic types.

1 – Back Flexion Exercises
2 – Back Extension Exercise

First, we will start with back extension program exercises only for one week. Then we will check the symptoms of our low back pain. If the pain eases after a week, we will continue the same exercise, but if the pain increases, we will change the treatment type and follow the second type (Back Flexion Program).

1-Back Extension Program
  •  Back Extension from prone position
  •  Leg Extensions from prone position
  •  Bridging Exercise from supine position

2-Back Flexion Program
  •  Abdominal Curls (All Types)

The common mistake is that we follow the two types of treatment simultaneously which causes pain to increase. As each type of these exercise programs put pressure on the spine in some way, so you should not mix the two types together at the same time, but we must, as we mentioned before, first follow the back extension program only for a whole week and then check the symptoms of pain if it decreased or increased.

Sciatica Pain Relief

When it comes to sciatica, there are two main exercises for Sciatica pain relief, they reduces sciatica so quickly like MAGIC!

1-Hamstring Stretch (30 Sec. hold)

2-Piriformis Stretch (30 Sec. hold)

**Spinal Stenosis Exercises 


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