The Great Pyramid & Extraterrestrial Hypothesis

The Great Pyramid & Extraterrestrial Hypothesis

A documentary film claimed that space objects were involved in building the Pyramids, pointing out that a number of Russian intelligence agents had found an extraterrestrial mummy of a space object dating back more than 10,000 years in Egypt.

The film, which was produced under the title "Secret Soviet Intelligence Files," the mission of Russia called "ISIS aimed to identify the artifacts that had military uses in the era of the ancient Egyptians, explaining that it is part of the secret research conducted by many Russian intelligence during 1990s.

Since 3000 BC, the Pharaonic civilization and its successive ruling families have been the focus of the world, by the mysteries of their kings.

The civilization whose saviors kept their secrets of the conquerors or rulers of Egypt away from Greek, Roman and other civilizations.

Their advanced intelligence and study of nature and astronomy are a subject of rumors and assumptions.

This civilization, which went through three successive stages, the era of the ancient empire and its capital Memphis, was characterized by the construction of the pyramids, and then the stage of the modern empire, and its capital Tiba, until civilization began to weaken and gradual decline, and succeeded then by the Roman Empire to control the reins of Egyptian rule.

But the most important period in the minds of scholars and archaeologists is the period of building the pyramids, which makes it impossible for the minds to translate the way the Pharaohs used to accomplish their tombs with a distinctive design that the world has not yet been able to imitate their sculptures or tombs.

From here we note hypotheses about the pharaohs, the latest of which was the website Mysterious Universe stated that the new information that researchers have found stones, unique, in southwestern Egypt, and considered it as a mystery discovery.

The stones are known as the Hypatia stone, which is named after a Greek mathematician Hypatia. He pointed out that, what distinguishes this gravel is that it contains a greater proportion of hydrocarbons than the components of the gravel on our planet.

The geologist at the University of Johannesburg, Georgi Bilianin, said that it also differs slightly from the composition of meteorites and planets.

Not only that, but the website linked the previous information with a statement by Giulio Magelli, head of the mathematics department and professor of archaeology, declaring that the mysterious cavity discovered by archaeologists nearly two months ago in the Great Pyramid of the Pharaonic King Khufu, includes the throne of the king, made of wood and iron intermixed with the components of meteorites, which fell on the ground for thousands of years, claiming that the texts of the pyramids reveal the components of the royal throne and details of the room.

"Certainly, the throne will not be made of molten iron, but meteorite - falling from the sky - because the Pharaonic texts indicate that the king travels to the stars of the north and passes through the gates of heaven and sits on his throne of iron."

Magellan concluded by assuming that he relied on information suggesting that the scientists had found a knife belonging to the Pharaonic king of the modern state, Tutankhamun. After examining the knife, they noticed that among the materials used in the knife industry were meteorites.

On the other hand, the archaeologist, Francis Amin, categorically denied allegations that there are Pharaonic texts that reveal the royal throne of Khufu of meteorite iron. 

Amin said "At first, the translator must be an archeologist, the texts of the Pyramids also date back to the period following the death of King Khufu, at least two hundred years, that is, they appeared in the late fifth and early sixth Dynasty, and the texts are prayers and rites to protect the same person in the afterlife after death »

"The texts did not mention a word about iron, but there were expressions of the firm, firm and strong throne. Even the word iron was not in hieroglyphics at the time."

In response to the pharaohs' use of meteorite materials, according to Magelli's claims, he explained that the information was false. "There was no proof that the sword of Tutankhamun was made of meteorites.

He asked, "How do you launch such hypotheses without taking a sample of the artifact?" He replied: "The components of any artifact cannot be proven without taking a sample, examining it and studying it, which is not allowed at all for Egyptian or foreign scientists.

He continued: "Even if it has been tested, it will not be able to identify the original material from which the knife was made by the moisture and the climate factors. The top of it also accumulates compounds and dust covering its surface and changes its surface features."

Dr. Zahi Hawass, the Egyptian archaeologist, responded to the Russian agency's allegations about the discovery of the cemetery of a space object in Egypt during the sixties of the last century, which is unfounded. No full mummy was found in any cemetery in the pyramids area at all.

"On the other hand, we have the evidence that proves the opposite of the claims of the Russians, including the tombs of the builders of the pyramids, the ancient Egyptians.
As well as the Wadi al-Jarf papyrus that speaks of the workers and the entire region, which confirms that these allegations are totally baseless.

He said that the claims of Egyptian space travel over time to build the Egyptian civilization, "false, nonsense and unrelated to science”, stressing that Egypt has documents and papyri that King Khufu built the pyramid, all ancient Egyptians are "pharaohs" and not space objects or aliens.

He explained that the graves of workers discovered in the tribal mountain region includes about 600 tombs by the heads of workers and ordinary workers, which confirms that the Egyptians are the builders of the pyramids, followed: There are no space objects and all the words of arrogance to try to rob civilization from Egypt.

There is something called "Rashiya" means the mouth of the lake.

Rashiya stones that were arriving from the port of East Nile through the water channels and reach the area of ​​Giza in the period of King Khufu, which was overseeing the construction of the pyramid and all this confirms that the ancient Egyptians are the builders of the pyramids alone, It was the "national project" during this period and there was no foreign, Hebrew or Jewish element during this period, and all the families were involved in building it from the Delta to Upper Egypt.


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