UFO & The Bermuda Triangle, Where is the truth?

UFO and Bermuda triangle

A user of the Google Maps application, using the Falcon Eye technique in photography, reported a "mysterious appearance" of a flying object in the sky of Florida.

Fox News reported that the appearance of the flying object was partly unclear, and that the appearance occurred close to the Bermuda region known for its mystery and gravity.

The vision was not completely clear even with the zoom of the footage, and it is difficult to determine the details of the body shown in the picture.

The object, believed to be a spaceship, was shown in various colors and oval-shaped. The researchers could not verify the distance separating the UFO from the Earth, but it was confirmed to appear over an area on the border of the Bermuda Triangle.

The Bermuda Triangle region has a long history of aircraft and ship accidents. Most of the claims about the Bermuda Triangle are false, but many still believe it to be a supernatural region.
The physicist at the University of Albany and a former NASA official, Kevin Knuth, had earlier announced the existence of space objects, and governments in many countries were hiding it from their citizens.

This was announced at the Conference of Mysterious Objects. According to him, humanity will benefit greatly from the encounter of space objects, and there are great opportunities for visits by astronauts to the Earth, adding that the flying ships have technological advantages beyond the technology reached by humans, according to the Daily Star.


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