Where Does The Soul Goes After Death? Is Heaven For Real?

is heaven for real

Since the beginning of the creation, the idea of ​​reward and punishment has appeared, paradise and Hell. 

The other life is divided into two, a world of possibilities in which they enjoy the thrill of living, reaping all that they wish and win by meeting with God, his angels and messengers, according to the Islamic narrative.

And another world of the wrong and bad people, god will punish them for what has gained their hands in this world.

These are the Quran's visions of the two worlds, complementing the stories of the Torah and the Bible, and in harmony with the ancient myths.

Paradise In Ancient Egyptians Beliefs 

In the view of the ancient Egyptian the paradise or the fields of the god Osiris, as mentioned in the Book of the dead spell 110, the paradise for him are rivers of water running in blue, and the dead person afterlife sails freely in these rivers with a small boat carrying him alone. 

Some of the scenes are with his wife behind him in the fields of Osiris, and another of his statues, sitting in front of the table, eating and drinking food, fruit and drinks, and pictures of «bread - beer - onions - meat - lettuce - ducks - geese» and fruits «pomegranate - Figs »

He thought that this paradise was underground, and that is the reason for burying the dead person underground in the cemetery.

Hell in Ancient Egyptians beliefs

The old Egyptian thought the Paradise is for the righteous people, he also thought in hell for the wicked, and called it «Saj», it means in the ancient Egyptian language «Hell».

The old Egyptian imagined the hell as a lake is surrounded by a thick black wall, with no entrance or exit, completely closed. The person inside it is considered as lost and there is no way out. Ten of the deadly cobra snakes are surrounding it from outside.

In the Four corners of this lake there are eight or four monkeys sitting on the chair guarding the lake or hell to prevent sinners from escaping.

Paradise in Sumerian beliefs

Sumerian mythology also believed in other life after death, paradise, and hell. Their texts also mentioned perceptions of the earth before man came down to it and likened it to paradise.

As for Paradise, another legend tells us about it: "The land of Dilmun is a clean place"
In this paradise, Enki, the great god of water, lived and his wife sang the land of the mother. 

The earth is filled with fields, trees and fruits, also there are a group of plants gods, and “Enki" seduces them leaving his wife.

Hell in Sumerian beliefs

To the Sumerian dead, the Sumerian hell or the Lower World, all the souls of the dead go without distinction, there is no difference between good and bad, rich or poor, or between the king and his shepherd, but every man retains the same status as he had in the previous life.

In one of the Sumerian tablets, it was reported that one of the kings after his death made offerings and gifts to the gods of the lower world, and how he was taken to a place specially prepared for him, where there is eternal afterlife.

Entrance to the lower world is through openings in the earth, such as the ones from which the sun shines, and the opening from which the sun rises, or from the grave, after the descent of the spirit of the dead person to the land of no return are encountered by the lower world river. 

There he is greeted by an angel with the head of a bird and transported in his boat to the other end where the gates of the city of the dead.

The world of the dead according to the Sumerian mythology is a powerful world behind seven high walls, seven gates guarded by mighty guards.

When he approaches the first gate, the doorman announces his name to be heard by the "god of the lower world" and then led through the seven gates.

The great gods of the lower world will determine his fate and his place and then to be naked in the world of the dead.

Heaven and Hell in Hinduism 

Paradise and Hell in Hinduism are quite different from the stage of Paradise and Hell in the heavenly religions, where Paradise and Hell in Hinduism are temporary transition stages, and the Paradise people in Hinduism have done good deeds, but these good deeds do not qualify them to reach Moksha. 

The paradise is transitional stage before going to another life by reincarnation, and the hell is also a transitional stage, so that the person is being cleaned from sins to move after torture to a new body, they believe that the soul returns after death and dissolves in another body, and remains so until it is purified and eventually returned to God, then returns to the world again in a new body, and remain so until they become completely zero of sins, and eventually return to God, and then unite together.

Confucianism also do not believe in the resurrection or after life, because they are concerned with the reform of this life, and they do not ask about the fate of the souls after their departure from the bodies. This is what Confucius says.

Paradise in the Judaism Beliefs

In the Torah of Moses on the Paradise which God created for Adam and Eve.

"And the Lord God created from the earth every tree that was delicious to look and good to eat, and the tree of life in the midst of heaven, and the tree of knowledge of good and evil", Genesis 9

God created Paradise according to the Old Testament in the east of Eden, that is, on the earth where we live, not in heaven, as some think, and the first human being in it. "The Lord God took Adam and placed him in the Garden of Eden to do and keep them." Genesis 15

These verses, which appear in the Torah of Moses, show that heaven is on earth, not in sky, and its location in the garden of Aden, and is irrigated by the Tigris River and the Euphrates, two known rivers, which originate from southern Turkey and pass through the Syrian and Iraqi territories. The ground in which the Jews believe.

Judaism does not believe in the existence of a physical paradise after the resurrection, in which trees, orchards, rivers and birds, because the Garden of Eden, which was on the earth on the day when Adam and Eve was shut down after God expelled them after the disobedience of their lord.
But Judaism believes in the heavenly kingdom of God inhabited by the spirits of the angels.

Paradise in the Christianity Beliefs

The Paradise of Christians means salvation from misery in the earth, and the New Testament has always spoken of eternal life, eternal hell and everlasting paradise, and before it there was Paradise on Earth.

According to Christian beliefs, it’s when Christ returns to Earth for a thousand years.

And the Kingdom of Heaven in the Christian concept, the place that God has prepared for His lovers since the foundation of the world. All material will be redeemed and what the body will have without existence.

Hell in Judaism and Christianity

The Old Testament and the New Testament correspond to the description of hell. They call the hell with a Hebrew word "Gehenna" or the valley of Hinnom.

It's located east of Jerusalem and outside the walls of the Old City. It was before called the Valley of Death, where the Jews dumped the dead bodies of criminals.

Hell for them is full of a stinking smell, rising from the fog and smoke of fire constantly, a place of impurity, fouling and corpses, and the fire of flames does not extinguish.

The Bible borrowed the same name of hell as a symbol of the eternal torment of the wicked, who do not believe in God and do not fulfill His commandments, that they will cast into the lake of fire and brimstone, whose blood will not die and their fire will not be extinguished.

Paradise in Islam Beliefs

It is the orchard under which the rivers contain wine, milk, honey, and houses of pearls, emeralds and rubies, which are different from all other perceptions of paradise in the heavenly religions and non-heavenly.

Muslims believe that paradise is eternal.

God said in the"Hadith" :"I have prepared for my righteous servants what I have not seen;
Paradise is according to the Islamic perception is prepared for the faithful believers with good deeds.

Hell in Islam 

Hell in the Koran abyss with seven floors, arranged on top of each other, where the bottom is the most heat and highest flames.


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