A Coincidence Turns Out To Be One Of The Greatest Discoveries In History; King Tut

king Tut

Howard Carter did not know that he was on the verge of a major event. An event that the history will remember for many coming years, and he did not know that his name would be written with golden letters in history books.

He is Howard Carter who discovered the tomb of King Tut, the youngest king in the ancient Egypt civilization and the most mysterious king, because of his life and even the causes of his death, which is not known so far.

It was a normal day when the Carter’s workers were looking here and there for the tomb of King Ramses, and suddenly one of the workers yelled..

I found stairs! I found stairs!

King Tut

Carter and his workers rushed to him to see what was there. When he arrived at the place, he actually saw stairs and appeared to be a graveyard stairs.

They continued drilling more and more so he could get down to that tomb.

He was happy with this discovery, but as usual it was a limited happiness because he thought that treasures inside the tomb would be stolen and he would not find anything inside, because most of the tombs that were discovered before were stolen and contained nothing valuable.

He walked down the stairs after a lot of digging and it was a surprise!

The surprise was like an unexpected shock!

King Tut Tomb

The Door Of King Tut's Tomb

Carter found the tomb as it was filled with treasures and statues of pure gold and nothing is stolen from the tomb.

He began to walk inside the tomb with a stupor of what he sees. The tomb was stunning inside and beauty of the drawings on the walls, even the colors look like as if it was painted two days back, not from 3000 years BC!

King Tut Tomb

Inside The Tomb Of  King Tut

Then suddenly he found an amazing masterpiece and the most important thing in the tomb!
It's the coffin of King Tutankhamun!

They started to raise the cover of the coffin, then find another cover under it and lift it, and then comes the surprise!

King Tut Tomb

The Coffin Of King Tut

Carter found the body of King Tutankhamun as intact and preserved as if he had died only yesterday!

King Tut Tomb

The Mummy Of king Tut

It was stuffed and well preserved, not only that, but he found the face of the king Tutankhamun covered with a golden mask that he has never seen something like it in his life, a masterpiece of pure gold is made with a professional crafting and colors on the mask is still bright and shiny.

King Tut mask

The Mask Of King Tut
He did not believe that a mere coincidence will end with the amazing discovery of the tomb of the youngest king in the Pharaohs and the most magnificent tomb in terms of treasures, paintings, coffin and mask, all of that were made of pure gold!

He was not expected to be the first person to set foot in the tomb.

Tutankhamun "One of the kings of the Golden Age whose tomb was discovered in 1922 in the valley of kings in Luxor, Egypt, by the British archaeologist Howard Carter.

Who is King Tut?

King Tut chair

The Chair Of King Tut

Tutankhamun is one of the pharaohs of ancient Egyptian kings.

He was the son of King Akhenaten. He became king of Egypt after the death of his brother as a child when he was nine years old only. He was the son of the queen known in many history books Nefertiti.

 This pharaoh is considered one of the most famous pharaohs of ancient Egypt, because of the discovery of his tomb where he put all his countless treasures. What made it a historical discovery is that all the treasures that were found inside and remained intact without damage or destruction.

The Mystery of Tutankhamun‘s death

King Tut Tomb

The final report of the Egyptian archaeologists' team confirms that the cause of King Tut death is septicemia due to the fracture of the femur, which was caused by unknown reason, which led to gangrene and the death of cells and tissues due to the lack of oxygen through the blood.

They confirmed also that there is no evidence that King Tut has been subjected to an assassination, and the hole in his skull is not due to the fact that he received a blow to the head, as some believe.

They think that the cause of this skull hole is something related to the mummifying process that time.


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