Best 17 Easy Apply Tips To Increase Your Blog Traffic Quickly

increase blog traffic

All of us dream of a successful blog or a great website with thousands of visitors going and coming to your website.

And of course more traffic is more revenue and more sales.

We will learn now about great tips that can be applied easily to guarantee a consistent flow of traffic every day.

1. Grab your audience attention with catchy headlines

increase blog traffic by headlines

Headlines is the first impression the visitor takes about your post, by reading the headlines, the visitor will decide to click on the link or just ignore it because it’s not interesting topic.

2. High quality content

As usual, we when we talk about driving traffic to your blog and increasing your revenue, we must mention the content.
Quality content will guarantee a stable flow of traffic, everyone wants to read something new, something they will benefit from it. Not a normal post that you can find it anywhere in the internet.

3. Write diverse content for different interests

Some say that you should write in only one topic or one field, but my point of view that it’s better to have a different topics in your blog, don’t stick to one niche.
You might’ve experience in specific niche, but this doesn’t mean that you ignore reading and learning more stuff to write about for your visitors.

4. Write long posts

One of the important things for search engine optimization is the long articles, it often appears in search results more than the short posts. Search Engine prefers long posts although it needs more effort and creativity to write that type of post, but the good results will make you forget about the tiredness of writing and remember the success only.

5. Have short posts too

We mentioned before the importance of the long posts and how they affect your rank in search engine results. But this doesn’t mean that you write too much about superficial topic. A topic that you can describe it by a couple of paragraphs, no need to write more and more about it, the visitor might become frustrated and leave your website because of many useless information in your topic.

6. Recycle your posts

increase blog traffic by post recycle

Don’t write the article and keep it like that, it’s better to update it from time to time with new information to increase the number of returning visitors to your website to check out your new updates.

7. Have new content consistently and regularly 

I get surprised when I see some blogs that not updated from weeks or even months.
Adding new contents regularly will help google and search engines to index your article regularly and so increase your rank in search results.

8. Follow current news and trending topics, write about them

Research what topics your audience is talking about. Check out google trends to see what’s interesting these days to write about them. See what topics are trending on social media.

9. Write in a way to provoke discussion and debate

This is a good way of writing to catch the attention of your visitors, you are not supposed to give them some information about some topic and that’s it. Try to insert some questions marks in your post to make your visitors think about their answers and start discussion in your comments and by this way you will increase visitor’s interaction in your website. Also you can include a forum in your website for that purpose.

10. Be organized in writing 

Have lists. Make your article organized, easy to read and understand. Not blocks of large paragraphs and punch of difficult words.

11. Ask what your audience wants you to write about

Check out your comments section under every article to see how your audience think and react to it. It help you figure out what to topic to write about in your article.

12. Use keywords research techniques for search engine optimization SEO 

increase blog traffic by seo

Don’t be scared of SEO keywords search, it’s not that difficult.

You just have to search for the keywords the people look for frequently through google keyword planner.
Write those keywords and try to include them in your article in good and professional manner. That’s it!

13. Have a Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, T
umbler, and Instagram accounts

increase blog traffic by social media

And most importantly, Quora accounts to answer questions related to your niche and insert your link in your answer.
Don’t forget to update your social media accounts regularly.

14. Guest post as much as possible

It’s very important and have huge impact on your ranking, especially if you get guest posts and backlinks on a high domain authority (DA) website, you will be in the top 10 of search results.
Fiverr offers paid guest post services with backlinks.

15. Create a YouTube channel and upload videos of your blogs

increase blog traffic by youtube

You can buy custom videos from Fiverr.

They have amazing catchy videos that can be viral on YouTube, and don’t forget your blog URL under the YouTube video.

16. Create Tweets and teasing posts

increase blog traffic by twitter

Twitter brings great traffic flow if you know how the followers get teased by viral tweets and headlines.

17. Use eye-catching images and graphics

This will help the visitor to continue reading your post and enjoying it.
Especially if your niche is about travel or or entertainment.

Finally, I’d like to ask you to be patient and don’t rush results.

It’s not that easy but it’s not that difficult too.

It needs some hard work and patience to see your website in top 10 search results.
Don’t worry, traffic will come to your website sooner or later, it’s better to know how to keep them as regular visitors, not one-time visitor.


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