Top 15 Interview Questions With The Best Answers

Interview Question #1
Introduce yourself 

The first impression lasts forever!

So you have to be confident when you talk about yourself and show them that you are professional and organized.

The rest of the interview depends on the answer to this question, confidence, and well-organized answer will guarantee you a good job interview.

Prepare a short introduction about yourself before you go to the interview.

The introduction should include simple sentences about your name, your qualifications, your experience years.

No need to talk about unnecessary information, or talk too much about details that the employer doesn’t care about it, it’s supposed to be a little and simple introduction about yourself.

Interview Question #
Why should we hire you?

That’s the most important question, if you know how to answer it, definitely you are going to get the job.

The employer has many candidates for interview, and many of them have the same experience and qualifications you have or may be more than you.

So the employer doesn’t want a normal answer that explains your qualifications, but he wants a different and unique answer, something that makes you different from the other candidates.

You have to think well of a good answer to this question.

Interview Question #3
Weakness points 

Don’t ever say that you are great in everything or you don’t have any weak points.

You have to choose anything weak about yourself to talk about.

But be careful, don’t say anything that will affect your work performance in a bad way, choose something like my English is not very well and currently, I study English classes to improve it.

It’s very important that the weak point you will talk about, you have to mention in your answer what your plan is to overcome this weakness, don’t just say a weakness point without any solution or any plan to improve yourself.

Interview Question #4
Strength points

Think about something good in yourself to talk about, but it should be something related to your job not just anything that is not relevant to your qualifications.

Interview Question #5
What’s your experience field? 

The employer needs to make sure that your qualifications, certificates, and experiences are relevant to the job offer.

So you have to read the job description well before attending the interview to mention that job description points into your answer to show the employer that you are the most relevant candidate for the job.

Interview Question #6
Tell me about a previous work problem and how you solve it

Think about any problem that happened with you before in your work and how you solved it.

Show the employer that you are very professional in dealing with problems, show them your skills.

Interview Question #7
Why did you leave your job?

This is one of the most important questions in the interview.

You have to mention a professional reason, don’t ever say anything bad about your previous company or reveal any secrets about their policy.

You can say that you are looking for further experience or more career development. Look for professional reasons.

Interview Question #8
Did have a problem with your previous manager?

Answering this question with No will be a lie.

Every one of us had many problems or arguments with his manager and this is normal.

So don’t say that you hadn’t any problems with your manager, but you can mention any old problem in a professional way.

You can say it was a misunderstanding about something and then the problem was solved.

Interview Question #9
Why do you want to work here?

The answer to this question is similar to the answer of the next question.

The answer is “The Employer Website”.

Open the company website and read about the good things in it and mention these things as a reason why you want to join that company.

Interview Question #10
What do you know about the company?

As we said before, open the company website and read the section “About Us” well.

The employer is not willing to hire someone who doesn’t know anything about the company.

Interview Question #11
Do you have any questions? 

Many candidates answer this question with “No, Thanks”

But this is not professional, you are supposed to be confident that you will get the job.

So it is normal that you have questions about your work schedule or your job description details or your sales target or anything, but don’t leave the interviewer like that as you don’t care about the job details.

Interview Question #12
What’s your previous salary?

You have to mention your previous salary and be honest about your answer because the employer can know your previous salary easily in many ways.

Interview Question #13
What do you expect as a salary?

This question means how much you want as a monthly or yearly salary.

So, you have to answer this question with confidence and mention a suitable salary that is relevant to your qualifications and experience.

Interview Question #14
What are your hobbies?

Try to choose hobbies that are relevant to the applied job, not just any hobby.

The employer doesn’t care about your skills in playing cards or watching movies, but he wants to hear some hobby that is related to the job, like reading books and learning or playing brain training games to increase your intelligence level or playing chess to be excellent in problem-solving.

Interview Question #15
What is the last book have you read?

Don’t mention any science fiction books or some comedy books, but try to mention scientific books that will help you perform well in your new job.


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