Types, Symptoms and Management of Shock

Types, Symptoms and Management of Shock

Shock is a sudden breakdown in vital body functions, and its degree varies depending on the type and severity of the causes of the shock.

The shock is a sudden drop in the blood circulation for many reasons, and may lead to sudden death and therefore should be treated quickly to save the patient.

The Most Common Types of Shocks

1-Neurological Shock 

2-Hemorrhagic Shock

3-Cardia Shock

Symptoms of Neurological Shocks

1-Pale face and lips

2-Cold sweat on forehead 

3-Slow radial artery pulse rate

4-Fast and shallow breathing 

5-Dilation of the eye pupil

6-General weakness and loss of balance 

7-Semi to a fully unconscious patient 

Symptoms of Hemorrhagic Shocks

1-Bleeding (External or Internal)

2-Cold skin and pale face

3-Rapid pulse rate

4-Shallow breathing

5-Dilation of the eye pupil (Not Always)

6-Semi conscious


8-Very thirsty

Symptoms of Electric Shocks

1-Loss of consciousness 

2-Seizures and muscle spasms


4-Irregular breathing 

5-Numbness or tingling 


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