Invented By Accident! Frankfurt Sausage Sandwich

frankfurt sausage

It’s hard to know who invented sausages, but the famous old story says that the Frankfurt city named the sausage after the city’s name, it’s called Frankfurt now!

But in the beginning, it was just a sausage without bread or without being a sausage sandwich, until the year 1904!

There was a small hot dog restaurant, and the hot dogs were served with gloves.

The restaurant clients use these gloves to eat the sausage and then they give them back to the restaurant after finishing eating.

The owner of this small hot dogs restaurant started to think of another way to eat these hot dogs instead of using gloves.

He asked his brother (works as a baker) to help him find a different way to eat sausage instead of using gloves.

His brother suggested using slices of bread to hold the sausage instead of the gloves, and the surprise was that the clients loved this sausage sandwich, and since that time the sausage became a sandwich.


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