The ultimate guide of premature ejaculation (PE) treatment

*What is premature ejaculation (PE)?

It’s a condition in which the man ejaculates sooner or earlier during the sexual intercourse.

It means that you are unable to control your ejaculation or your orgasm because of several reasons that we will discuss them later.

Actually PE is the most common sexual problem between men and it’s really so annoying between couples.

According to recent studies, around 30% of men are suffering from PE, 1 of 3 men has this problem.

*What are the symptoms of PE or how can I know If I have it or not?

A man with PE usually ejaculates within 1 minute of penetration, or sometimes after about 10 thrusts during sexual intercourse.

It means he is not able to delay ejaculation and control his orgasm.

Most of the men feel embarrassed to discuss it with anyone, embarrassed to see a doctor, this will increase their stress and anxiety about the condition which will make it worse.

*Types of PE

1-Primary PE: in which the condition is there since birth due to some neurobiological or genetic causes.
2-Secondary PE: in which the man acquires it during life due to some psychological or medical causes.

*Causes of PE:

The most common cause of PE is the psychological problem like fear, anxiety or stress.

Most of the men are afraid of not be able to please their partners without being suffered of any medical condition.

Also some cases of PE are due to some medical conditions like abnormal hormone levels, abnormal levels of neurotransmitters, abnormal reflex activity of the ejaculation system or infection of the prostate and prostatitis.

*Treatment Strategies

Believing in cure is the first and the most important step in treatment, you should know that PE is not difficult to be treated as long as you are following the treatment plan, please don’t worry and be patient since it takes time to get a strong control on your ejaculation, but you will be better within the 1st month of treatment and you will feel more control over your orgasm.

Communication with partner is the most important thing, If there is no communication with your partner, It would be a problem.

If you really wants a better sexual life please share with your partner everything and it will be easier to solve any problems you face since the first step of solving a problem is to know it and admit it.

No need to hide or deny it and keep the suffering of the problem, just follow the strategy and you will be better trust me.

The Three C’s:

Confidence: you should be confident of yourself, your thoughts will be actions, if you think that you are not going to be able to control your orgasm, you will be like this, change your thoughts and be confident.

Calmness: please try not to overthink to increase the stress, it won’t help you, even it will make it worse.

Clear your mind:  to get a good sexual performance, try to clear your mind, don’t think about something else or some work problems, just clear your mind before sex.

*Exercise strategies

Deep breathing ex

Deep breathing technique is one of the best techniques for to relax and remove any anxiety or stress which can cause PE.

To perform deep breathing technique, take a full breath then hold it for three seconds and then exhale it so slowly for five seconds, then repeat that 3 to 5 times, this gradually will teach you how to relax and forget about any stress or anxiety.

Kegel Exercise

Actually, Kegels exercise is the best method to strengthen your PC muscle, but before we talk about that exercise, first we will explain what is the PC muscle and its role in controlling your ejaculation.

The Pubococcygeus muscle or the PC muscle is one of the largest muscles in the pelvic floor as you see it in the picture.

It controls urination, bowel movements and it contracts during orgasm and controls the ejaculation. So our target is strengthening this muscle to gain more control over our orgasm timing.

How to find it

After understanding what the PC muscle is and its role in urination.

Now, before we start performing exercises to strengthen this muscle, you should know how to find it and feel its contraction while urination.

During the mid-flow of urination try to stop the urination and control it then continue urination again normally, the muscle which stopped the urine flow is the same muscle we will perform Kegel exercise to it but not during urination at all!

We used the urination example just to make you feel that muscle and its contraction, but we will do the strengthening exercise during rest, not during urination.

Gradually you learn how to perform a quick contraction of the PC muscle and release for 10 times of contract and release, contract and release, we will do it three sets of 10 times, it means 30 times,  but between every set take a break 10 seconds and as I told you don’t do this during urination.

Exercise strategy

You should know that if your body is strong and muscular, it would need less energy for sex.

I mean if your body is weak, you will be tired easily, not only that but there will be more effort or stress on your PC muscle and so you won’t be able to control the ejaculation.

So you don’t need PC muscle strengthening only, but the general core strengthening.

-Hip extension
-Abdominal Crunches
-Plank exercise
-Arms Exercise

As we said, you need general strengthening exercise, not focusing on the PC muscle only.


Now we will talk about nutrition, some types of food can boost your sexual desire, performance, and power.

The arugula

Actually, it is the best-known arousal food since the first century.

The secret behind arugula that it contains three minerals and antioxidants and so many essential nutrients for our sexual health, not only that, but it helps block absorption of some environmental substances that have a bad effect on our sexual health.


Seafood is the most well-known sex booster due to its high content of zinc, which provides a good boost that increases your sexual desire and they can improve your performance. 

Examples of the seafood are shrimp, salmon and so many types of seafood.


There are many types of fruits or vegetables that look like human organs, the figs resembles the male testicles, it has a very powerful effect on fertility enhancing, plus its high content of fiber which has an important role in our health.
Not only that, but the high fiber content will fill you up and give you a good body shape without increasing your belly fat size.


Almonds have a great effect on increasing passion and sexual desire.

Almonds are rich in several minerals and nutrients for sexual health like Selenium and Vitamin E plus zinc, as I mentioned its benefits before.


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